Important EU-funding to the Ports of Stockholm

The reconstruction of the Värtahamnen port is one of the Swedish infrastructure projects proposed by the European Union’s Trans-European Transport Network, TEN-T, for important funding. In total, the project Värtahamnen, is suggested to receive €14,048,000.

In the middle of July 2013, the European Union declared which projects were chosen to receive EU-fundings aiming to develop the European transport network. The project Värtahamnen is one of the suggested 83projects within the TEN-T 2012 Annual Call. The projects are divided into five categories: Maritime, Inland waterways, Integrated and Multi-Modal Transport System, Road and Rail. The project Värtahamnen has been granted the largest maritime sum in Europe within this call. Two other projects chosen in the Stockholm region are the Igelsta project in Södertälje and the Rosersberg’s intermodal terminal.

”Third time lucky!” exclaims a very pleased project manager, Per Ling-Vannerus. “We are now proud to see a result from our three Värta project TEN-T application attempts. We have always been certain of the importance of the project for transport in the future. Now that the evaluation results have been presented we can see that our application has been given the highest rating.”

”Finally I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the preparation of this application. There were many people involved,” concludes Per Ling-Vannerus.

The Project Värtahamnen described in the EU report “Proposal for an Implementing Decision on the selection of projects”:

The Global Project concerns the redevelopment of Stockholm’s inner city port facilities in the Värta-Frihamnen area. The project comprises an extension of the pier, the transformation of an existing pier with a new, modern infrastructure; upgrading of railways and the construction of new terminal and service buildings with high environmental standards. The Action will be of major importance to the TEN-T network, both as a factor determining the long-term efficiency and sustainability of the Ports of Stockholm, and as prerequisite for eliminating one of the most serious bottlenecks in the TEN-T Nordic Triangle. It will provide a solution to secure Stockholm’s place as an important port in a region with growing transport needs. The Port is a TEN-T Category A International seaport and is thus an important transport and logistics hub of European interest.

Evaluation remarks:

The proposed Action is relevant to the call for proposals as it addresses ’mature work’ and focuses on port basic infrastructure. Its maturity is clearly demonstrated as the Action has received necessary support and approvals enabling it to start. The impact is good including positive socio-economic effects. The entire proposal is of a very high standard, and the proposed activities adequate to the objectives pursued.