2012 – a good year for Ports of Stockholm

2012 was a good year for Ports of Stockholm, with the company's annual report showing a good financial position and positive results for 2012.

Passenger volumes in 2012 came close to the record levels of previous years, with figures of just over 12 million passengers, and international cruise ship passenger numbers set a new record.

The end of year total for volumes of goods was just over 8 million metric tons, which was down on the previous year. RoRo goods were responsible for the drop in volumes, while container goods increased notably due to new customers such as MSC, one of the world's largest container shipping companies. The Ports of Stockholm property and letting area also reported positive results for 2012, with an all-time low tenancy vacancy level of just 1.6 percent.

The largest infrastructural project to be undertaken in 100 years is now beginning. This will adapt Ports of Stockholm's ports to meet the future needs of a growing Stockholm.