100 accident-free days at the new Värtahamnen

The construction and installation work for the Värtahamnen development project has now been ongoing for 100 working days – with no accidents.

There are currently around 80 construction workers and engineers on site. Work is proceeding both on schedule and on budget. Ports of Stockholm is also working hard to make sure that environmental and working environment aspects are prioritised, in close collaboration with the entrepreneurs.

”It gives us great satisfaction to record that there have been no accidents during the first 100 days of construction,” says Karl Lagerlöf, senior project manager for the Värtahamnen development project.

To mark this milestone there was a short ceremony out at the site office, where Ports of Stockholm and the manager of the firm of contractors, Aarsleff, presented one of the participants, Indrek, with an award for his exemplary working environment efforts.

”We have made a good start, but we are fully aware of all the complex work that is being performed and we know that it is important that we also remain fully focussed on the working environment in the future," explains  Karl Lagerlöf.