Stockholm and Trelleborg lead the way to a cleaner Baltic Sea region

In the last few days it became known that the Clean Baltic Sea Shipping project is to receive funding of 2.2 million EUROs from the EU Baltic Sea Region Programme. The aim of the project is to limit environmentally hazardous emissions from shipping into the air and water in the Baltic Sea. Taking part on behalf of Sweden are the Port of Trelleborg and Ports of Stockholm.

"Stockholm has been selected as the European Green Capital 2010 by the European Commission and it gives us great pleasure to now be able to work together with other stakeholders in the Baltic Sea to intensify efforts to minimise shipping emissions", says Ulla Hamilton, Deputy Mayor of the City of Stockholm, Environment and Traffic Division.

"Stockholm has been driving this issue, among other things through the Baltic Metropols network where representatives from the major cities in the Baltic Sea region agreed last year to focus on environmental issues concerning ports. As the chairperson of both BaltMet and Ports of Stockholm I am of course delighted that we can now progress from word to deed", says Ulla Hamilton.

"Shipping is an essential component in supplying goods to the entire country. As the Chairman of the Municipal Board for a port city such as Trelleborg it feels both natural and important that we together, regardless of nationality, identify the areas with a clear potential for improvement and propose the relevant measures to be implemented", says Ulf Bingsgård, Chairman of the Trelleborg Municipal Board.

"The Baltic Sea’s environmental problems affect everyone in the region and I am convinced that we can achieve a lot through a cross-border project such as the Clean Baltic Sea Shipping project", says Ulf Bingsgård.

The aim of the project is to limit the environmentally hazardous emissions into the air and water in the Baltic Sea that come from shipping and the project has 22 partners from the Baltic Sea region. The Port of Trelleborg is participating as the Lead Partner representing Sweden, with Ports of Stockholm and the ports of Helsinki and Turku joining forces to focus on developing criteria for an environmental port index, as well as to spread good ideas about how ports can develop environmentally and sustainably.