New owner of stevedoring operations at Ports of Stockholm

Today saw the completion of the sale of the stevedoring company Stockholms Stuveri och Bemanning AB (Stuvab) to Logistikentreprenader Sverige AB.

In 2007 Ports of Stockholm was tasked by the City of Stockholm with the privatisation and sale of Stuvab, an operation employing 48 people and with annual turnover of SEK 52 million. Following a process to find an owner that was ongoing throughout the summer and autumn of 2009 the company Logistikentreprenader was selected as the new owner. The company specialises in staffing and contracting solutions within logistics, storage and industry and has 300 employees.

"The sale of Stuvab is a win-win situation. It gives Ports of Stockholm the opportunity to fully concentrate on its core activities. At the same time the stevedoring company and its employees have the opportunity to develop stevedoring operations, not just in Stockholm, but also in other areas of the country", says Ulla Hamilton (M), Deputy Major of the City of Stockholm, Environment and Traffic Division and Chair of the Board of Ports of Stockholm.

"We view our collaboration with Ports of Stockholm as an important part of the work we have carried out throughout the years to become a strong, knowledge-based stakeholder within the logistics sector. Together with the Ports of Stockholm employees and our experience of port logistics we have great possibilities to develop the company by introducing new business", says Lars-Göran Ahlberger, CEO of Logistikentreprenader Sverige AB.